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At Very Troubled Child, we are determined to fulfil any of your requests and make your dream come true. We can create the unique product that matches your specifications, aesthetics, and aspirations. Very Troubled Child can make fully customized product ranges from special occasion gifts, custom-made commissions, and corporate gifts. For us, the sky is the limit.

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Very Troubled Child takes great care to paint initials by hand, with each custom letter set designed in Futura font and adjusted individually to ensure the spacing achieves just the right balance and the look remains crisp and clear.

This is done by our Master Painters to guarantee the best results and can take up to 2 weeks from the purchase. We currently can add up to 3 letters per product. 

Initials are normally painted on one side only, in the top middle space between the handles of the bag. Most initials will be painted in white, but this may vary depending on customer requirements and ideas. Initials in two-tone colors will incur extra-charge. Please note that not all our products can be monogrammed: if the option does not appear on the product page, then this item cannot be personalized.



Please include details of quantity, models & design you are interested in: we reply in less than 24hrs to all requests (please do not forget to check your SPAM filter as occasionally our response may be stuck there).For any questions regarding personalization ideas & custom orders, you can reach us through the form below or by sending us an email at the following address: 





    If you want to collaborate with us to create a fully customised line of patterned bags, a minimum order of 100 bags is required for each bag's model.

    Pricing will vary depending on your personalisation ideas, leather chosen and other manufacturing details.

    If you are interested in a fully personalised line of leather bags, please send us an email directly to .

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