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Zebra Bag Number 8

The small Zebra Bag Number 8. 

You can be personalize it with your own hand-painted initials and make it your very own.


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The Zebra Bag® Number 8 

(small duffle bag – small weekender – carry-on luggage)

(now ready to ship in 24h from the order – without initials)


A. Manufacturing Details

Our Zebra Duffle Bag is a leather-trimmed canvas bag featuring a pack of intrepid zebras. At first glance, zebras in a herd might all look alike, but their stripe patterns are as distinctive as fingerprints are in man. In our bag, each zebra is individually printed on the grey canvas and they are all different!

Its emerald green Alcantara inner-lining enjoys a spatial abundance, with two open pockets and one zipped pocket on either side, plus a main compartment perfect for stashing your laptop, camera, and the other items you just can’t do without on the move.

The Zebra bag can be customized with your choice of monogram indicated in the Order Notes field upon checkout. Your three (or fewer) chosen initials will be individually hand-painted with white acrylic in Futura Type, ensuring no two handbags are quite the same. Also included is an unobtrusive golden padlock, double-stitched luggage tag, and a completely detachable grey leather shoulder strap.
If you’d like to customize your bag further, including (but not limited to) different color combinations for your initials, choice of font and entirely new designs, this can be discussed prior to your order via contact@verytroubledchild.com


B. Size Guide

* Length: 44cm (17.5in)
* Width: 21cm (7.5in)
* Height: 28cm (10.5in)

The Zebra Bag Number 8 adheres to carry-on luggage restrictions of most worldwide airlines.


C. Shipping Notes

The Zebra Bag n. 8 is ready to ship in 24h from the order. However, the monogrammed travel bags take up to 2 weeks more to ship as they require our Master Painters to customize the bag according to your specifications and we strive for perfection with each and every order we receive.
All items will be tracked via courier and take approximately 3-7 days to arrive in most locations.

D. Features


  • Grey canvas with individually printed Zebras,
  • Green Alcantara lining,
  • Grey genuine leather trim,
  • Double zipper closure,
  • Removable & adjustable leather strap
  • Double-stitched leather tag,
  • Cabin Size,
  • One zipped internal pocket on one side, and two open pockets on the opposite size,
  • Lock with detachable key,
  • Five protective metal feet.

Additional information

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 44 × 20 × 24 cm

With Three Hand-Painted Initials, With Two Hand-Painted Initials, Without initials


With Periods, Without Periods