Golden Zebra Aluminum Suitcase

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The Golden Zebra Aluminum Suitcase

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The Golden Zebra 100% Aluminum Suitcase
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A. Manufacturing details

Wherever you go, travel in style with our refined Golden Zebra Aluminum Suitcase. Designed for stylish and hassle-free travels around the world, our Golden Zebra Aluminum Suitcase features laser etched, crocodile pattern and our signature Zebra logo. The crocodile pattern matches perfectly with the golden aluminum of the case and adds a unique, adventurous style, to all your travels.

Once open, the suitcase features two spacious compartments: the right one where items can be safely enclosed thanks to an adjustable straps and the left one closed by a protective panel, with two mesh zip pockets.

Main features:

    • durable golden aluminum shell;
    • unique crocodile pattern, laser etched on the aluminum shell;
    • frame system opening;
    • two TSA-approved combination locks;
    • four multi-directional spinner wheels;
    • two slow-release handles;
    • two spacious compartments.

B. Size
50cm (height) x 35cm (width) x 20cm (depth).
19.6in (height) x 13.7in (width) x 7.8in (depth).

The Golden Zebra Aluminum Suitcase fits the carry-on luggage restrictions of most airlines worldwide and features two TSA-compatible combination locks for added security.

C. Shipping

The Golden Zebra Aluminum Suitcase now ships in 48h from the order.

We ship all our items via courier with tracking number (normally shipments to most locations in U.S., Europe and Australia take approximately 5-10 business days).

Additional information

Weight 3.3 kg
Dimensions 50 × 35 × 20 cm